Web Marketing

You have your new, shiny, awesome web site.

You have your branded email address with your domain name in it.

Now you need to tell the world about it! Let us help you spread the word about your new web site. We do this in several ways:

1. Creating a blog - Maybe you decided not to add a blog to your web site when it was created. Blogging directly on your site adds relevant content and keywords to engage your community, the place where you can generate the most amount of leads.
2. Utilize social networking - Advertising has become a four-letter word. It is obnoxious and obtrusive. It jumps out at us in pop-up windows, it interrupts our favorite TV programs or even worse, takes up a third of the screen. So how do you get your name out without scaring off all of your new potential customers? Social networking! You offer some value for free, either a download, or interesting insight, and let your friends share it, like it, plus it, or whatever it takes. We can also help you brand your social networking page!
3. Google AdWords - Google has a large market share in delivering targeted advertisements based on keywords to several key placement areas: Internet searches, GMail pages, mobile phone advertisements (on those "free" or "lite" Android applications), and other places. A lot of advertisements are obtrusive, but Google AdWords tend to stay out of the way, and based upon the keyword, may offer a higher rate of return than other methods. Ask us today about how to get started with a $100 coupon to start with!

For an estimate or quote, please contact us by email at jeremy@linuxwebguy.com or call (913) 515-1800 today!