Web Design

LinuxWebGuy Computer Consulting has a long history of understanding the web and developing for it. We've been writing, programming, and designing since 1996! We've also paid a lot of attention to the web and where is it going next.

We will help you by developing a site for your business or organization that fits both your goals and your budget. No web site is exactly the same.

What features might you be looking for in a web site?

Some small businesses want only a brochure that resides on the Internet. They want to put their contact information, maybe some pictures and a little static content about what they do, and call it good. They may not actively market their site, put out a lot of advertising, or really care about their web site statistics. This is a perfectly acceptable way for a business to get its feet wet, and learn about the web. Additionally the time and effort (and therefore, cost) of creating such a site is relatively smaller.

Some businesses want a medium-size site. This may include some static content about who they are, how to find them, maybe an updated blog with entries of interest to potential clients or customers. These businesses may want a site that gives customers and clients a reason to keep coming back. These business also want to play an active role in marketing their site. They want to monitor how many visitors came to their site last month, and where they came from. What parts of the site did they spend the most time reading? These business may want to integrate their site with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, or others. They may also want their web site to begin ascending the long list of Google search results in their industry and location.

Other businesses may want interactivity, a place to showcase their work to potential clients. Maybe you are an artist or photographer and your image portfolio is your livelihood.

Maybe you are a business who is looking to take advantage of the new mobile space. The explosion of Apple iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and Windows Mobile devices create a new way for potential customers to view your work.

We are here to help shape and create your web presence. We will design a web site for you that reflects your purpose, vision and goals, whether limited or lofty. Our rates are competitive, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We take pride in your new home on the web. After we build you a site you will love, we want to help you show it off.

To start a conversation about either a completely new site design or revamping your current web presence, email jeremy@linuxwebguy.com or call at (913) 515-1800.